Mining and Aggregates

Measure Stockpiles and Keep Track of Equipment


Asset Tracking and Maintenance Concerns

Quantifying and tracking stockpile assets can be difficult and labor intensive.  This is done easily via drone inspection and with the eSpective cloud based data management portal.  Quadrocopter Solutions simply collects and post-processes the image data.  Then the client can view, analyze, and share the results.  Weekly drone inspections are a cost effective method for making regular job site analysis achievable.

Mine safety is also a major concern.  Quadrocopter Solutions can help to detect hazard areas, keeping personnel out of harm’s way.


Timely Reporting and Decisions

Given the efficiencies of drone technology for inspections and the use of the eSpective Data mangement system, inspections can be carried out more frequently.  This enables our clients to:

  • Conduct more frequent surveys and inspections
  • Access real-time images and data
  • Obtain up-to-date reports and information
  • Make decisions to optimize their operations

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