Track the progress of projects by visualizing actionable, domain-ready image data

A Management Challenge

Many construction enterprises need access to a platform that allows users to organize and track data on  multiple on-going projects in many geographic locations.  The eSpective cloud platform:

  • Enables users to directly manage and deliver critical data;
  • Provides user access to data management and analysis tools;
  • Delivers actionable information from domain ready data.


Actionable Information Across Multiple Sites

Quadrocopter Solutions uses sUAS and eSpective data management platform to help construction superintendents manage their construction sites.  Red Rock Pointe is one of 17 sites currently under construction by Cameron Construction, a Lincoln Nebraska based construction enterprise.

Quadrocopter Solutions provides support in project evaluation, monitoring the movement of materials, roof inspections, building surveillance and contractor surveillance.  Quadrocopter Solutions also helps identify areas of energy inefficiency reducing costs.

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