Company History

A Leader in the Industry

Quadrocopter LLC has been a long-time industry leader in drone and UAV platforms.  Since 2009, Quadrocopter has been a leading reseller of Drone equipment to businesses and individuals.

Seeing the adoption of drone technology to perform numerous tasks across many sectors – public and private – the company has evolved into a full service provider of end-to-end imaging services including a cloud-based subscription to advanced analytic applications.

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A Passion for Aviation

The entire Quadrocopter team has a long-time a passion for aviation and aerial imaging.  We’ve engineered aerial systems for some of the largest enterprise applications in the world.


  • 1999: Jeff starts attaching cameras to single rotor R/C Helicopters
  • 2006: launched as a support web site multirotor platforms
  • 2009: Quadrocopter LLC and the Quadrocopter online store founded
  • 2013: Quadrocopter breaks 2,500 RTF multi-rotor’s sold
  • 2014: Quadrocopter begins offering familiarization classes to 9,500 + customers worldwide
  • 2016: Quadrocopter expands Professional UAV Training, sells and supports FreeFly Systems’ Alta, changing the world of heavy lift Drones.
  • 2016: Quadrocopter leads the DJI Enterprise Dealers and expands into the Industrial applications for drones
  • 2017: Quadrocopter adds a Las Vegas Office
  • 2017: Quadrocopter develops the eSpective data portal and launches Quadrocopter Solutions, specializing in Mapping and Industrial Solutions